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Mount And Blade Warband 1.168 Cr




b I used to have a playtest raid on ETS that was perfectly fine. Then a new guy joined. He turned the raid to a no-doubt-crabfest. He was able to turn our boss fights into a high-damage, low-sustain dance and tag team bosses. He also had a style where he'd take 3 people on the boss with his raid to prevent any single boss from being any pressure. So when we went back on our server for a 4th time a month later and we could finally get on, we didn't know who to ask about what to do. Everyone has their own style and they know what it is they want to do. I personally would never go on a raid with the intent to dance and tag team bosses. I have a tendency to do that sometimes when I'm excited or something. I'd much rather just do our own thing and have fun. If something really doesn't come out right, we can just stop and grind it out. If it doesn't come out the way we wanted, we can just restart the fight. I guess my point is that we do what we do because we have fun. When the raid started, I would get annoyed if he did his dance and tag team thing and then left it at that. It would ruin the fun of the raid for me. That is just my own personal preference and it seems to have worked for me so far. The new mage does not know how to play. His builds are imprecise and weak. His rotation is all over the place. He doesn't do anything well, and he does it worse than his other mage friends. The warlock that I was trying to recruit is just awful. He has no raid-wide utility, no synergy with the rest of the warlocks (he's probably the worst), and his builds are just so, so bad. All of these people play the same spec: rogue, warlock, mage. And you can even say mage is the only spec that can get out of range and the rogue sometimes falls of. But they have to learn how to play and all they can think about is how can they play better, better. Well, be a DPSer. Be a good DPSer. Do this and that. "You cannot learn how to play your position." -- Prof. Mike Krzyzewski Sometimes I think that playing, that is thinking about our gear



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Mount And Blade Warband 1.168 Cr
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